2012-2016 General Board

The General Board of the Church of God in Christ, Inc (COGIC) is responsible for establishing and executing policies for the membership, as well as sustaining and perpetuating spiritual order within the Church. These twelve bishops, chosen from the Board of Bishops, are voted into office by the General Assembly for a term of four years. Executive decisions made by the General Board are final unless revoked or modified by the General Assembly.  The General Board convenes three times a year for official meetings in the months of April, November and at the time the presiding bishop deems necessary. Bishop P.A. Brooks, 1st Assistant Presiding Bishop and Bishop Jerry W. Macklin, 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop serve as Presiding Bishop Blake’s special aides on the General Board.

Early HistoryEdit

The first General Board was officialy organized in 1968, when Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr. was elected presiding bishop of the church along with Bishop L. H. Ford. From then on they decided there would be 12 bishops on the General Board, symbolizing the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. The General Assembly decided that the head over the bishops would be the presiding bishop, and that he and the other eleven bishops would be in charge of the Executive Branch of the church.

Current Members of the General BoardEdit

  • Charles E. Blake, Sr.
  • Phillip Aquilla Brooks, II
  • Jerry Wayne Macklin
  • Roy Lawrence Hailey Winbush
  • George Dallas McKinney
  • Nathaniel Wyoming Wells
  • Sedgwick Daniels
  • J. Drew Sheard
  • Brandon B. Porter
  • Ted G. Thomas, Sr.
  • Lawrence M. Wooten, Sr.
  • Darrell Hines
  • Matthew Williams