The Prayer Warriors are groups of selected and specially consecrated and ordained women (and sometimes, but very seldomly men) who serve as missionaries who are often called upon to usher in the spirit of prayer in church services, evangelism services, and Christian Missions spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and with going to different hospitals to witness to and pray for the sick.The Pastor and/or Bishop from each local church and jurisdiction usually choose ordained women and men to serve as Prayer Warriors for the different local, state, and national church services and meetings.

Origin of "The Prayer Warriors"Edit

The groups of different local church members from different COGIC churches who would usually start off the services of the International Holy Convocations and the International Women's Conventions with "Spirit-led" prayer services were not called "Prayer Warriors" until around the 1970's when Presiding Bishop James O. Patterson, Sr. began to feel the need to ordain the women and men who led the opening prayer services of the national services into official positions as Prayer Warriors for the Church. Among the first recognized officially consecrated prayer warriors were Mother Elsie Shaw, Mother E. J . Dabney, Mother Frances Kelly, and many other older COGIC mothers and missionaries.


The COGIC teaches that anyone can be a "prayer warrior" for God of sorts because God has called all saved Christians to prayer, but to be offiicially recognized as prayer warrior of the church, you have to be willing to devote your life and will to praying and fasting unto God in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ. And you also have to be willing to help out with the Missions Department of the Church to spread and be a witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You do not have to be officially ordained leader in the church to be a prayer warrior.