A Jurisdiction is a "diocese" or district under the see of an ordained and consecrated Bishop in the Church of God in Christ. There are over 200 COGIC Jurisidictions in the United States, with approximately five jurisdictions in each U. S. state. There are nearly 30 other jurisdictions spread across the many other countries around the world where the Church of God in Christ is. 

History of the COGIC JurisdictionsEdit

Rev. Bishop C. H. Mason, the founder of the Church of God in Christ, when he began spreading the Gospel-based messages and Christian Pentecostal doctrines of the COGIC denomination across the United States, organized different state-wide districts to cover the different U.S. states. At first, the Church of God in Christ only spread across the southeast United States with districts in Tennessee, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana,and Kentucky. However, in the 1930's and 1940's, nearly every state in the contiguous U.S. had at least one district under the COGIC. In the 1950's, some of the people broke away in their own respective states from their original districts and formed other districts. By the time of Bishop Mason's death in 1961, nearly every state had two districts. In 1969, in the first COGIC Constitutional Convention under Presiding Bishop James O. Patterson, Sr, each of the districts were renamed "jurisdictions". By this time, there were nearly 180 jurisdictions in the Church of God in Christ in the United States as the denomination's membership rapidly increased. By the early 2000's, there were almost 250 jurisdictions in the Church of God in Christ in the United States. In the 2010's, there were nearly 300 jurisdictions counted in the United States alone, and many more counted in foreign countries around the world. 

Polity and Organization of JurisdictionsEdit

The polity and organization of the different COGIC Jurisdictions is based off of the COGIC National organization and structure, as in the fact that each jurisdiction has a Bishop (or "Prelate") to oversee the jurisdiction. Directly under him is the Supervisor of that Jurisdiction's Women's Department and along with the Women's Supervisor, there is the Board of Superintendents and other Jurisdictional Directors and Officers who lead the jurisdiction and assist the Bishop and Women's Supervisor in overseeing the jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction in the United States has nearly 50 to 100 churches with their own individual consecrated and ordained pastors. In the U.S. the Church of God in Christ has nearly 10,000 local congregations, and there are nearly 5,000 local congregations outside the U.S. Each Jurisdiction in the Church has its own annual Holy Convocation,its own annual AIM Convention, and its own annual Women's Convention.

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