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Bishop Chandler D. Owens



Bishop Chandler David 'C. D.' Owens

Bishop Chandler David "C. D." Owens (born October 1, 1931-died March 8, 2011) was the fifth leader of the Church of God in Christ and the third Presiding Bishop who succeeded Bishop Louis Henry Ford. He was also the Bishop of the Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the state of Georgia, now called the Central Georgia Jurisdiction.


Born in Birmingham, Alabama on October 1, 1931, Bishop Owens started preaching as a young child; his ministry spanned more than seven decades. He was a lifelong member of the church, traveled globally and ministered in practically every state in America. He first pastored in Newark, NJ at the Wells Cathedral COGIC, where he served for over 33 years until his move to the state of Georgia. While in New Jersey, Bishop Owens was also the Jurisdictional Prelate of the Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. Bishop Owens, with dedication and loyalty, served the Church of God in Christ in various leadership roles, including International President of the Youth Congress, Chairman of the Constitution Committee Second Assistant Presiding Bishop and First Assistant Presiding Bishop, Preacher, Teacher, Pastor of the Greater Community Church in Marietta, Georgia and Prelate of Central Georgia Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. His heart for missions led him to establish, financially and through various other means, churches, schools and transportation for ministries in the Philippines, India, Malawi and Central Africa.  Bishop Owens was married to Mrs. Shirley Owens who gave birth to his three children Chandler David II, Chandra Stephanie and Shirilitha Jeanette, who died in the 1990's. Bishop Owens himself died in March of 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.


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